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Constitutional Rights

18 April, 2018 02:39 – TANK



THE RESULTS ARE IN “and you have been found wanting”

Anyone of sound mind understands that words have no value if they are not supported by actions. The actions we take will always yield consequences and results that either serve our purpose or push us in a different direction. At this time I have concluded that the RV is part of a master plan to eliminate the most productive innovators, healers, dreamers, and humane individuals in the planet and keep them in stasis while the Order executes their plan of control, genocide, and slavery. Those in positions of authority are either being controlled, have no real power to affect a change, or embrace the anti-human agenda of the Order. The only other option is that they do not care about their own children, our children, you, anything, or anyone else so long as they end up rich and in control.

There is no longer an excuse for their negligence. The Rothschilds who illegally occupy the six seats at the United Nations that belong to the Manna World Holding Trust threatened every country in the world in September of 2017. They said that they would release biological weapons, killing every citizen of Earth if anyone accepted funds from Kim or the Trust. So now that every Government in the world has received funding from the Trust despite the Rothschilds empty threats, we can draw some conclusions based on the results.

Firstly the Rothschilds are liars, and they clearly don’t have the power or the courage to do anything they say they’ll do. Secondly, this fact is reinforced by the constant promises they’ve made to fund the countries of the world as well as begin the exchange process without ever performing. Thirdly, human kind still believes that these individuals are in control of the world, not realizing that all of their power is being given to them by our belief in it. Fourthly, the Rothschilds are opposed to anything that advocates for humanity, and would be willing to kill every living thing on Earth just to maintain control. And finally, these secret societies, Dragon families, blood line elite losers are nothing more than slaves put in position and given power because they followed directions so well from the real slave master. So they continue to follow the last orders given by their King believing that he will resurrect them from the dead as they’ve seen him do before. So they want to be found doing their job when he comes back so they can win favor, power, money, and titles.

For the Order’s benefit I want them to know that when his head was separated from his spine, and his heart was ripped from his chest that his ability to regenerate was taken from him. The Emperor of Evil or whatever you want to call him will not be back to heal accolades on you for your repeated and predictable monotonous attempts to overcome the strength of one woman, sitting so many levels above you that you should bow to her to do her bidding.

Make these next moves carefully because she is allowed to defend herself as you and 153 of your bosses, all found out on the same day not long ago. You can deny that if you want but I’d recommend you at least pretend to care about humanity because your mind powers are a joke. She is not one to be called a slave, and there’s an army of beings who have not forgotten the things that you have done to empower yourselves at their expense.

Let’s do a small comparison to measure the efficacy of the Order, compared to Kim Possible to see who is having a greater impact at creating the world they want to live in.

• Kim said she funded the high speed rail.
Results: Countries all over the world are now discussing their construction of new high speed rails.

• Kim said the Chinese Elders are just part of the Rothschilds and are in no way benevolent, nor do they intend to ever pay anyone out.
Results: Masses of people continue to wait for the RV, day after day, week after week, promising to start Monday, then within the next 72 hours, then it allegedly starts, but still no one has money because the 800#’s will come out over the weekend and the value date is NEXT Monday.

• Kim said she funded the construction of the wall.
Results: Suddenly Trump announces he has funding for the wall. In addition, he magically finds 700 billion dollars for the Military.

• Kim says she is the only one who has access to the asset redemptions that are held in the Manna World Holding Trust.
Results: After only a few moths of public life she is the only leader who has aligned herself with the people, and done exactly what she said she’d do. She’s actually proven that she funded every Government in the world and the Rothschilds tried to take credit for it. But when they were challenged with simple questions like, “How was the money transferred?” Or “When was it delivered?” or “How much did we receive?” they were exposed for the frauds they are because they didn’t fund anyone and don’t intend to fund anyone.

• Kim said she would not give money to the Rothschilds, but she would give money to the Governments for infrastructure and projects. She also said she’d give an equal amount to the people for private project funding.
Results: We’ve already established that she paid the Governments so obviously she has the ability to do it. And, I’ve been on the phone with her and the bank when she’s brought money into the banks successfully, and had it confirmed, only to have some random half baked anti-human plan take place to either try and steal the funds or lose them in a clearance account. In fact, there’s millions sitting in clearance accounts right now that she left there as proof that she has the ability, authority, and heart to pay the people. The people in these institutions make a decision to serve fear and the annihilation of the human race each time they submit to the orders and dictates of the Rotten Children.

• Kim explained “the Order” with accurate descriptions of the lineage therein and how she came to be in this position of authority. She says she is the only one she knows of who can access the trust and intends to return this money to the people.
Results: I’ve been contacted by people from various parts of the world who want to speak with Kim about their authority over the trust and how that they are the rightful owners. This myth is usually based on some lie told to them by a Rothschild mixed with some Cabal corporate paperwork that they think gives them power.
Results: Every one of them suffers from some delusion that they are the chosen one for this task and by the end of the conversation they all need the same thing – codes, so they can access the trust.

• Kim said the Cabal agenda is to crash the economy and buy it back for pennies in the dollar.
Results: They tried to crash the economy with some super computer but were not successful. Now they don’t have the money to buy it back if they wanted to. But all of Dinarland is rooting for their own destruction, cheering each time they see a major drop in the economy because everyone believes that these elite Satan worshiping savages will suddenly have a change of heart or that they no longer have control. You’re apathy and unwillingness to take action is evidence that they still have control. They can tell you anything and you’ll buy it just to avoid the pain of your own decisions and wasted time.

• The Chinese Elders/Rothschilds have told you every week for ten years that the RV exchange process will finally start and you’ll be the new elite because you are the chosen few who gets to change the world.
Results: You don’t know one person who has exchanged, who can access their money and lend you some to buy a cheese burger. People are dying every day from manageable conditions, curable diseases, and unnecessary conflicts while there are projects and technology right now, ready to go into production that could easily change the world almost over night. They are only lacking one thing – money.

• Kim said she’s willing to honor some of the back owed money to the various special forces and other groups that have been promised payment by the Elders/Rothschilds for work they’ve done and held in off ledger accounts.
Results: I’ve seen it and been part of it myself to witness her honoring her word, having sent the money into banks to pay former agents for work they’ve done, former Military for projects they want to do, and even Homeland Security officials for programs they’ve built, only to have the Rothschild controlled minions working at the Fed change the date manually, on the system, every day to prevent good people from getting paid.

• Kim has said she has the highest level of Homeland Security clearance.
Results: I’ve confirmed this with over a dozen banks, the good side of the CIA, and the Military.

• Kim said she can bring funds in using bank assisted Real Time Gross Settlement.
Results: I’ve seen this happen seven times now. It’s a fact and all it takes is for the PEOPLE at the banks, in the military, and the Government to actually enforce the laws they have in place, and all of humanity can be free.

• Various people have said that there are other sources of funds that will fund the RV.
Results: Every time the exchanges are supposed to begin the Non Quantum Hercules system tries to hack the trust. The real Quantum system controls the asset redemptions from the off ledger accounts, which are all held in the trust. Furthermore, no other real assets have materialized as of yet to explain how these redemptions will be funded.

I have always said that I’m loyal to principles and not to people. I have not come down this path to worry myself with hurting your feelings or to change my course because it doesn’t resonate with you. I am not concerned with losing friends or allies. I am dedicated to living free and breaking free from the slavery we’ve all been held in for our entire lives.

I care more about most of you than you care about yourselves. While you are sleep walking into the proverbial gas chambers I am desperately trying to wake you up. When people approach me and want me to go back to sharing inspiring messages and encouraging intel I am not remotely swayed from this path. For truth seekers my message is inspiring. For those who wish to be free of these Draconian overlords, they are encouraged to know that someone else is fighting along side of them to free humanity.

There is one entity who has invited us in to participate in the fight to free ourselves. There is one who has actually performed despite crushing obstacles. There is another who has never done anything that indicates they want to help you in any way. They have never asked your opinion or invited you into the discussion because they were too high above you, and you wouldn’t understand. And that other one spends all of their time focused on stopping the funds coming out of the Trust by Kim’s hand, both to regain control of the world and enslave humanity.

If the Order cared about humanity it would be impossible for this to continue another minute. Anyone with a conscience should be disgusted by the death, pain, and suffering they have caused from their lack of performance. When they had control of the assets they never gave us a dime. What exactly do we think has changed? They haven’t even changed their methods. And now, as Obama sits in the seat of the Pindar, and Agenda 21 continues to roll out, it is only because of our unwillingness to stand together and release our delusions that they have any power at all.

For all who have kindly warned me to be careful who I associate myself with, worried about the path I’M on, I want you to know that I have never been more aligned with a higher divine purpose, had more true evidence of what I’m talking about, or more conviction to free humanity. I am not concerned with looking bad to anyone because my path is righteous and I am fighting for the light. We have already won this war in the spirit, but it takes action to see it manifest in the flesh. The scriptures say, “prove all things, hold fast to that which is good.” Most of us have decided that blind faith is proof enough, even though the scriptures say that “Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the EVIDENCE of things not seen.”

My hope is to be part of creating a better world. The substance of that hope is my love for the beauty I see in the human experience. As we strive to learn in our life journey only to discover that within us we’ve always been what we’ve been looking for. The evidence I see is in the eyes of my children, the dreams of old men, and the courage of a few to stand up against a Giant.
My faith is grounded and rooted in the truth. The opposition is merely a dissenting voice to the truth I speak. I stand for the principles that Kim stands for. If she stops standing for them, then I’ll stand alone. As of now she has demonstrated more honor and integrity than anyone you’ve seen who continues to plot against all of us. Examine the results and ask yourself, what would be the harm in a trust funding humanitarian projects? (No harm to people, but it would interfere with the Agenda if the Order.)

And why would anyone advocating for humanity go to such great lengths to stop that from happening even if the RV is real? (No advocate for humanity would stop that, which means they must be conspiring against humanity.)

Now if that makes sense, then what are YOU doing about it?


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1 Comment

  1. Jan Cordas

    September 27, 2022 at 9:33 pm

    Oh my goodness! Awesome article dude! Thank you, However I am having difficulties with your RSS. I don’t understand the reason why I am unable to join it. Is there anybody having identical RSS problems? Anyone that knows the solution will you kindly respond? Thanx!!

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Constitutional Rights





By Speak Project | Sep 7, 2019, | Constitutional RightsWellness

The amount of information put out by the many sides of the vaccine issue can seem staggering but there’s an easy rule to follow when evaluating any situation:


Is the info coming to you through a media company with pharmaceutical interest?

Chances are that the answer to this is “yes.” Over 70% of media revenue comes from pharmaceutical companies and networks take direct orders from Big Pharma as to what to say, how to say it, and what to leave out.

Is the information being disseminated by a government agency?

These agencies are riddled with pharmaceutical interests. Government agencies are bought, sold and controlled by those who have an agenda that does not favor the public. Four independent studies conducted by the federal government concluded that the CDC is rife with corruption and conflict of interest.


What agenda are those spreading undisclosed facts supporting? Money? Glory? Peer pressure?

Those making the effort—and believe me, it takes a supreme commitment to speak the truth when everyone is calling you crazy– are not making money. They have no big pharma interests. They are often cut out of social groups, have lost jobs and family, and in all likelihood have witnessed the destruction of their credibility. Their state of well-being takes a hit as those trying to disseminate truth are labeled frauds, charlatans, and worst of all, silenced the old-fashioned way.

Forget about the uniform censoring by Google, YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and the rest of social media. There are numerous examples of well-known natural health advocates who have been shut out and shut down by all the above. But this post is not about that, nor the fact that Google is soon only going to be providing allopathic, mainstream, medical (read $$$$$) responses to health issues. This post is about reminding people to get past the mind-numbing cycle of false information, and to become truthfully, fully and adequately informed about the issues that drastically effect theirs and their children’s state of well-being.  

Frankly, being a truth proponent is a thankless endeavor. There is no money in it and no glory, with little appreciation or acknowledgement beyond a small circle of awakened people. Those pressing forward do so against all odds, committed to a sense of righting what’s wrong in order to stop the wrong from continuing.


We are a Constitutional Republic. We have constitutional, unalienable rights. We have the right to happiness and to happy, healthy families. We have a right to be TRUTHFULLY INFORMED and once these truths are adequately, properly disclosed, we have the right to give –or to not give –our consent.

So let’s move onto the facts and issues that are being obscured, minimalized, lied about, diverted from, and generally ridiculed by the mainstream COLOSSAL BIG PHARMA/AMA /ALLOPATHIC MEDICAL CARTEL which runs –and that includes NPR, PBS and Fox—mainstream media, and also mainstream internet.

BTW, If you think your doctor has not been “indoctrinated” into this cartel and isn’t being held there by blackmail, bribery, a rigid belief system, AMA-based schooling, or threat of ostracization from the medical subculture, then think again. Those who break from the narrative that vaccines are safe, effective, essential, and properly tested, and that there is no unifying agenda behind them, stand to lose everything they have worked for, their financial resources, and much worse.

Witness the 100+ murdered doctors list. Don’t believe us and are reading Snopes instead? We have known some of these doctors personally. They and family members are very dead, and they did not commit suicide. Big Pharma shuts up those whom it does not like. End of story.

However, our story does not, and will not, end here. Speak Project is about to release the most comprehensive, sourced, list of TRUTHFUL facts about vaccines that has ever been released. We are not anti-anything except anti-lies, anti-deceit and anti-harm. We do this from a sense of justice, a grave concern for our youth, and with the knowledge that those fighting this fight must speak out as loudly as we can.

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Constitutional Rights





By SPEAK Project | Sep 27, 2019, | Constitutional RightsResourcesStand Up Now

This is an unofficial outline/synopsis of the document entitled, “Ten Steps to an Assembly,” by Will They Ma’Kit, provided by the Michigan General Jural Assembly to assist with creating an assembly to redress of abuse by government offices and the agents that presently occupy those offices.


  1. Appoint someone to take notes
  2. Guide the discussion into the form of an assembly
  3. Use Bill of Rights Article 1 as the people’s authority and power to do so.
  4. Plan time and place for the next meeting
  5. This meeting and the notes become the minutes and the record of the first meeting of the assembly.


  1. Three offices/officers are vital to the development of the assembly:
  • Moderator to keep order and decorum 
  • Recording Secretary/Scribe to keep minutes and gather the notes from the note takers and to maintain the record of the assembly
  • Bailiff to assist the moderator in keeping order and to break up any ruckus that may break out because of the differences in ideology about any particular issue. 

There are other offices that an assembly will desire to have in place to handle things that are on the floor of the assembly for discussion and voted into being such as Treasure, Chaplin, Historian, and other offices and positions that the assembly deems necessary to function.

 3. ELECT 25+2 “BARONS” to administer stability & security

  1. 25 plus 2 alternates needed to participate in grand jury deliberations 
  2. 25 plus 2 alternates members to establish the state level assembly. 
  3. 13 members to establish the county assembly, which also may be used as a petite grand jury. 
  4. We called this establishment of the state and county assemblies as settling the state and county under de jure jurisdiction


  1. The purpose of assembly is to move the elected people in government offices, in the direction of protecting the people’s rights and to cease abusing their office for self-aggrandizement and self benefit at the expense of the people. 
  2. This is done by making the people of the state and county aware of the existence of the assembly and that they can become members by whatever process those in the present assembly agree on by a vote that is seen to be right for the assembly, whether that is by majority, quorum, etc. 
  3. The will and desire of the people are the reason the assembly exists and that all come to a consensus and agree is the most important factor to be observed. 
  4. All who gather are to be heard and their input considered, exercising the concept that all have a voice and all in concert can speak as one voice to an aberrant agent in a government office.


  1. Publish  a notice in the “legal notices” section of the major news organ for the state level and in the local county news organ again in the legal notices section for the county. 
  2. If there is resistance to publishing these notices challenge them using the same 1st article in the Bill of Rights that they themselves use. 
  3. There are caveats to this publication which you must insist upon:
  • It cannot have a box around it as legally they have then conquered your assembly and can dictate and claim jurisdiction. 
  • Look at how attorneys have their notices published and insist upon the same courtesy. 
  • The notice must be published three weeks in a row with the paper being purchased and given to the scribe for the record. 
  • The final publishing is when the assembly reads the article into the minutes of the county board of supervisor’s board of commissioner’s board of trustees, or whatever county town hall or business meetings takes place in your location.
  • The state level publication is to be published Four weeks in a row and then the article and a notice is mailed by Registered Mail to the state governor and the state attorney general.
  • Any rebuttal will have to be counter challenged by the assembly in a way the assembly determines.


  1. Assign three or five volunteers to research and bring the finding and conclusions of evidence to the assembly 
  2. The assembly as a whole can develop the notice to be delivered to the offending government office and the agent(s) involved, or the particular statute rule ordinance or regulation that has caused harm to the people or the people’s property. 
  3. This process educates assembly members to the point that they can educate the larger community. 
  4. This is how We THE People effect change and demonstrate our ability to self-govern and hold our elected appointed and hired government agents responsible and accountable for their actions. 
  5. This is done by 1st getting rid of all their immunity codes that allow them to act aberrantly and abusive with impunity and a new power of the people to remove them from the office they hold. This includes attorneys and judges and law enforcement persons.


  1. Records are vital to the assembly to rebut and challenge efforts to minimize, do away with or ignore the communication from the assembly 
  2. The education of assembly members and community must ensue in a peaceful, lawful manner. 
  3. We THE People require our public officials to perform the duties and obligations of their office with integrity and impartiality. 
  4. The present day observation of the offices of government is a constant affront on the people’s rights. Those rights will not be protected by these government offices as the assembly reduces the power and authority of politicians and attorneys in these offices who seek total control. 
  5. These grievances are brought out by the assemblies through the use of written communications in the form of notices, FOIA requests, complaints and has to follow a developed standard so the case can be made for the repeal or removal of the office holders.
  6. These protocols that the assembly develops are crucial and the chain of evidence that helps to support the work of the assembly. 
  7. These records and the records of the assemblies work to reach the conclusion they did and the actions they took are vital to prove the status and standing of the assembly.


The continual creep of attorneys into government office and the corrupt politicians that have sold out their office for financial gain and re-election potential with favors is well known and observed. All the while they put in place enslaving legislation that is abusive and costly to the people and their nation.

The legislative process has been usurped and utilized against the people and the assembly has the function of dissecting the verbiage of these legislative documents and demanding correction or repeal. 

  1. Functions and Operations of the Assembly: guiding concepts, principals and standards to inform present and future assembly members as to how the assembly functions. 
  2. Functions and Operations of the Grand Jury that the assembly is and supports. If determined that a Grand Jury action is appropriate the deliberations can be presented as an indictment of the office and or the office holder.
  3.  Once these indictments are handled, a process to be determined, the assembly must keep communication going directed to the office that is charged with the responsibility of protecting our rights to effect the desired change.


  1. By now the assembly should:
  • Have its operations established and a record of what the assembly is doing and what it proposes to do. 
  • This includes the meetings minutes  
  • It has filled offices to orchestrate the business of the meetings and communications with the government agents at whatever level chosen to address   
  • Without a record of activity the assembly is little more than a group people meeting and discussing a wish list without any evidence of any actions taken. 
  • The minutes of the meeting, whether by physical meeting or phone meeting is the record of the identifying an infraction of the government, the proposed correctionof that infraction and the communication of the identity and proposed correction to that office. This is the purpose of the assembly and the type of dialogue communicated to government that informs them their behavior is under scrutiny by the people.

We believe that these abuses cannot be addressed by any other means rather than the long time desire to sue them in courts that are manipulated by attorneys to extort the people and obligate their labor for damages that no man or woman has caused. 

The wish of people to walk in and arrest judges and sheriffs and police for their abusive acts will not happen until the people make it their “right” to do so. 

Most states will find their efforts to hold their elected and hired government agents accountable blocked. As the assembly researches the method the government is supposed to work and how it actually does will be an experience that will rile emotions and instill anger which needs to be directed at challenging the legislated abuses and agent protective immunities to effect change.


  1. Meet at regular times to:
  • Discuss the findings of fact
  • Discuss the desired conclusions
  • Demand the correction to the problem identified in written form 
  • Compile documented evidence

2. Create state assemblies, to

  • Discuss the business of the state assembly 
  • Partake in the National Assembly call to discuss the national governments abuse 
  • Partake in developing communication of these abuses to the national government as well as the state’s congressional representatives from a unity of states position. 

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Constitutional Law

What Is Dulocracy?




By Speak Project | Jan 2, 2020, | Constitutional LawConstitutional RightsLawful America

In a world where we are dominated by licensure and priveleges….

As it turns out, there is a word for that in Black’s Law Dictionary!

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