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By Tank | Mar 31, 2020

Tank (Steffen Rowe) composed this letter in answer to the recent disinformation being aimed at him, Michaele Walker, and the team on social media and through other channels by a rabid and misinformed group. Personal details have been omitted and we have retitled it for publishing.

I’m writing this letter because I would prefer to dissolve this matter without any further damage. I’m not sure what information you think validates the false accusations you’re making against Michaele Walker, our organizations, and me, but I’d like to see the source on which you claim the accusations are based. Neither Michaele nor I have any criminal record, nor have we ever been involved in the awful things of which we are being accused.

With very little research on your part you can easily find that WE were the ones who revealed the intel about the ports in Florida where children were being trafficked in containers mixed with uranium, which lead to arrests announced by Ivanka Trump and Mike Pompeo two weeks later. This intel later lead to the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein and launched the disclosure of the biggest elite pedophile and trafficking rings operating in the world.

We were the first ones to report after Linda Collins’ death that she had been working with people within DHS to uncover that agency’s trafficking of kids and direct connection to the Clintons. This report led to many attacks asserting that we didn’t know what we were talking about, only to have the FBI validate our claims a month later.

We exposed that Abel Danger had received the file on Kara Witkowski in July 2019, as an urgent case that needed immediate attention. At that time we believed he was associated with a pentagon-related task force that was actively getting kids safely returned home. When Michaele attended a Zoom meeting with this group three months later in October 2019, it was evident to her that the group and its alleged task force had never looked at the file.

As soon as Michaele realized this she reached out to Kara to see if the Children’s Crusade (Field McConnell’s alleged charity/child action and advocacy group) had been in contact with her, and learned that Kara had not been contacted by them whatsoever. Michaele immediately began working to see what she could do to help her. A week later on Halloween, Kara’s son, James Biel was found dead.

Both of us were so upset that we did several shows covering this horrible miscarriage of justice. We wrote letters to congressmen, to the Chief Justice of Illinois, documented the timeline of events, contacted every media outlet in the country to try to get them to report the crimes taking place in Kane and Cook County, and published the information we assembled on the Speak Project sites. Michaele and I appeared on Dominick Izzo’s show to rally support around Kara. We worked to help Kara get a private autopsy; we stopped the funeral home from covering up evidence, and we worked with the coroners to try and get them to cooperate by returning the harvested organs taken from James Biel during their first autopsy.

We were able to get the corrupt Judge John Dalton removed from Family Court, but Kara still has only partial custody of her daughter, Sasha. We continue to work to find ways to help Kara get her daughter back home and we won’t stop until she is safe.

A week after the second show when we outed Abel Danger as a fraud, informing everyone that after checking with all my sources I had been unable to verify the existence of any Pentagon Task Force, Abel Danger was arrested in Florida. We later learned that “Abel Danger” was a code name for a CIA operation.

This is just a fraction of the work Michaele and I have done together. We’re up against a formidable enemy, as you well know. We formed Lawful America as a way to bring people together to raise a strong voice against obvious violations of our fundamental rights. We didn’t know what else to do to help stop the legalized abduction of children, vaccine poisoning, and various other situations involving the abuse of Corporate Courts. We have never asked anyone for a dime to help except for one situation described below, and we haven’t always been successful in every effort we undertake. But while most people stay at home pretending the world is perfect, we’ve been working to change it.

Lawful America is a community of mothers, fathers, and people who want to make a difference. I have spent the past three years ensuring everything I do is completely transparent so that there could be no question of my integrity. I know how the Deep State weakens us by creating divisions and getting us to attack one another. My sites have never advertised, solicited donations, or sold products. This has been intentional so no one can accuse us of being in it for the money, or that we are financially scamming people. The one exception to this was a letter-writing campaign which became too expensive to finance out of our own pockets, as we have been doing for everything else.

With Lawful America we set out to have a real impact, and began sending notices to various individuals in government departments in every state informing that the forced vaccination of the People was unlawful, and that they were in violation of the Constitution by continuing this course of action. It is our lawful right to do so, and we are trying to help stop the madness. This was the first time in over three years that any organization with which I am affiliated asked for help, in this case, to pay for the high volume of return-receipt notices we were mailing. In the name of transparency, we posted how we were spending the funds people had donated for this campaign, and followed through exactly as we said, providing tracking numbers as verification.

I also act as the Treasurer for the Guardian of Camelot Association, an unincorporated, tax-exempt business association. I established this organization to bring innovative project owners and other vendors into a private network to discuss project ideas and make plans to support their success as well as provide project funding. I made a deal with a lawyer team to provide trusts for the purpose of funding distribution at the cost of $100 apiece. This is undoubtedly the least expensive trust formation fee in the entire world. This money went directly to the lawyer and his team.

The people I speak for, to, and about, are good people who are affiliated with us because we have been fighting the good fight for a long time. Whoever told you we were being investigated for child trafficking or stealing money was either lying or misinformed. Everything I’ve stated here is true, public and provable.

That being said, I am asking you one last time to stop your slanderous comments and aggressive hate campaign filled with erroneous accusations about Satanism, theft and Human Trafficking. I do not wish to engage in this disagreement, as I don’t want to put your name out publicly, file suit against you, contact the authorities, or hurt either of you in any way.

I have not read any of the documentation mentioned in the email below, and I’d prefer not to if it’s sensitive. But as a third party, if there are crimes in this documentation that have gone unreported, then I am obligated to provide a full report to the proper authorities. Being that with (Party 1) working for CPS there is high risk, and with authorities being directly involved in the potential issues, we’d have to share everything publicly so as to ensure there is immediate action taken to save the children at risk, and a public record made of the crimes that have been committed and/or covered up by all parties involved.

Being that (Party 1) admitted to sending the information to Michaele Walker regarding human trafficking, it becomes a matter that may require further investigation by CPS and the FBI due to the fact that both you and (Party 2) have suddenly suspiciously and inexplicably taken to social media attacking our character. These attacks include making false accusations about us, threatening our members, and claiming to have proof that doesn’t exist, while using your faith as justification for your hateful and mean-spirited behavior. This sudden shift in behavior speaks to either a level of instability or a tactical plan to plant evidence via the information YOU sent to Michaele Walker as an attempt to stop our efforts to end the illegal trafficking such as that you’ve (allegedly) witnessed by CPS, your employer.

I would hope that you seriously consider this reasonable request and stop slandering our good name, stop conspiring to commit crimes against us, stop threatening our members, stop threatening to do harm to our members’ families, stop creating the false and wicked narrative that we are a cult and worship Satan, and stop discussing us in any way.

We have clear evidence of your threats against us, and your demands of us as if we have some contractual obligation to perform for you, which we do not, and we possess recorded conversations between us that demonstrate that neither Michaele Walker, Steffen Rowe, or anyone at Lawful America or its affiliates has shown any ill will towards either of you.

This will be our last direct communication with you. Any further negative public display or slanderous posts against anyone affiliated with Lawful America, Speak Project or its associates will be considered a criminal act with an intent to defame our character and to defraud the people. Please cease and desist without hesitation. If you choose to continue with this behavior we will be forced to take appropriate action against you and all those supporting your efforts.

I sincerely wish for only good things to come into your life, but I will not accept this coming at our expense.

Steffen Rowe,
aka TANK

© 2020, Tank. All rights reserved.

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