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Goguen, K.A. (Universal Protection Unit Command). TH&I; Welcomes the Universal Protection Unit. Truth, Honor, and Integrity Show, Aug 25, 2016. Interviewed by Thomas Williams. Speaker, 2016

Goguen, K.A. (Manna World Holding Trust). THI Special: The Foundation/Kingdom of Manna. Truth, Honor, and Integrity Show, Aug 1, 2017. Interviewed by Thomas Williams. Speaker, 2017

Goguen, K.A. (Manna World Holding Trust). Treaty for Sovereignty of the United States of America. Truth, Honor, and Integrity Show, Feb 1, 2018. Read by Thomas Williams. Speaker, 2018.116:40-122:57 of 183:56 minutes

Goguen, K.A. (Manna World Holding Trust). THI Special Update Show with Miss Manna. Truth, Honor, and Integrity Show, Feb 14, 2018. Interviewed by Thomas Williams. Speaker, 2018

Goguen, K.A. (Manna World Holding Trust). OYM — Guests: Thomas Williams and Kim (Miss Manna). Open Your Mind Radio, March 11, 2018. Interviewed by Alan James and Steven George. Open Your Mind Radio, 2018

Goguen, K.A. (Manna World Holding Trust). ‘Statement from Kim.’ 10/27/18 Truth, Honor & Integrity show. Truth, Honor, and Integrity Show, Oct 27, 2018. Read by Thomas Williams. Speaker, 2018

Goguen, K.A. (Manna World Holding Trust). Q&A; show with a twist 11/9/18. Truth, Honor, and Integrity Show, Nov 9, 2018. Interviewed by Thomas Williams. Speaker, 2018. 05:25-69:57 of 173:51 minutes

Goguen, K.A. (Manna World Holding Trust). Deep-Sixing the Deep State with Thomas Williams and Kim of Manna World Trust. Off Planet Radio, Nov 11, 2018. Interviewed by Randy Maugans. Speaker, 2018.

Goguen, K.A. (Manna World Holding Trust). “Global Martial Law Hierarchy Chart from Kim — Manna World Trust.” Deep-Sixing the Deep State with Thomas Williams and Kim of Manna World Trust. (Excerpt with visuals). Off Planet Radio, Nov 11, 2018. Interviewed by Randy Maugans. Speaker, 2018. 8:08 minutes

Goguen, K.A. (Manna World Holding Trust). “Dying Structure of the Illuminati.” Wake-Up. Series Interviews by Steffen Rowe AKA Tank. Kimberley A Goguen Manna World Holding Trust. (Undated audio excerpt with visuals). Interviewed by Steffen Rowe. KRE8CHANGE, 2019. Speak Project, 2019

Goguen, K.A. (Manna World Holding Trust). ‘Letter from Kim.’ 8/8/19 Truth, Honor & Integrity show. Truth, Honor, and Integrity Show, Aug 8, 2019. Read by Thomas Williams. Speaker, 2019. 162:37-176:15 of 190:12 minutes

“We have reached a critical point in which humanity has a chance to rise up and become its own ruler. The back work has been done. There is nothing standing in your way. They fear YOU, not the other way around. Let me explain.

The three (3) main controllers of humanity, and the order “givers” to the Order are the Parents, Families and Family Masters (if you do not know what this is, then you should find out) have pulled all support from their Covens and the 13 Bloodlines, known to most of you as Rothschild, Chinese Elders, Bauers, Vatican, Black Sun, Greens, Browns, Whites, the color coded programs, and so forth.

Many names you don’t even know exist. The upper people don’t even use names, they use code names, like the Dark Prince, which could have been any one of 21 people and not necessarily male.

A lot of the Internet talk about “the Cabal” doesn’t exist in reality. Remember, they create the problem and create the solution, create the Devil and create the Savior, start the war, create the boogeyman then create the hero. This is their game of control. Don’t let them fool you.

The money system was a means of control. It was created to do NOTHING but take control over all the wealth of the world. That wealth was human souls, energy and minerals, not currencies. He, being “M”- Marduk, issued stupid family registrations and trust papers, like they meant anything to him at all and they all fell for it. The whole system was nothing but a great big lie, but it kept the Order in Control, known to him as the Slave Masters, never the Royals or Kings/Queens they portray themselves to be. He loved to lie. I knew him well. 

So here I stand, and there you are. When is Kim going to transfer the Money? We need Money! I hear this on a daily basis and it is frustrating to me. Why? Because there is a bigger picture here, learn it.

For whatever reason I now have M’s accounting, M’s assets, and yes M’s control over the money magic system. I have extended olive branches to the Parents, Covens, and their minions you know as “Royals” the Asians, the Brits, THEIR tribes. They all refuse to face the fact that M was a liar; he lied to all of them with grandiose promises of being Rulers, Owners and Controllers of Planet Earth. Marduk LIED. Face it and move on.

To those of YOU, those begging them for money and exchanges of air tokens and dinars, dongs and (insert currency here)? They WERE the money issuers for thousands of years, greedy little piglets didn’t share ANY with you, but you think today is the day? Its never going to happen.

They still sit, yes including the Chinese Elders or other Asian variety, in their big mansions eating their $5,000 dollar meals with their concubines and maids; they can afford to give all of you at least a little money out of their own pocket, but they have not, and they never will.

In order to BE controlled, all you have to do is sit back and wait for someone else to do something, whether thatme or anybody else. Every single day that goes by that you do NOTHING, they do SOMETHING, a new war, oh look here at what Iran, Iraq, the Russians are doing, create the problem, create the solution.

The only way to win the game IS NOT TO PLAY. It is their game. They are eating each other alive with false promises and no delivery.

Bitcoin anyone? Oh, you will be “outside the system.” Or how about the Libra? Just another currency THEY CONTROL.

Create the term “Cabal” for the bad guys and the good guys the “Chinese Elders”. They are the SAME PEOPLE from the SAME order, and ALL take orders from the SAME People! Wake up.

The groundwork has been laid for you. The control system of the masses is rapidly deteriorating.

When something goes down, something MUST take its place. I hope I didn’t make a mistake when I bet it all on YOU, the people. There are days I feel like I did, maybe all of you are not ready? Don’t let us down, by us I mean the human race.

STOP looking for a Savior. If you find one, most likely it was created for you. Oh wow you say, MSM is reporting the “deep state” now. Seriously? They WANT you to know, “here is the boogeyman little sheeples” now where is the savior?

It was BRICS, then it was Putin, then the Chinese Elders, next it will just be another person from their group. We need a “Global Reset” you say? Well let me tell you something, either you are going to be the new leaders or they will appoint one for you, it’s just that simple.

There is a reason the “Alternative Media” is being filled with “their people” right now, old dogs coming back, and new ones appearing. They are losing control of those that pay attention, those that are awake or awakening, those of you that consider that to be YOU, become the leaders of this “reset” (and I am not referring to the currency reset either).

What’s the plan, I am asked CONSTANTLY, why would I make a “New Plan” without YOU? I am NOT one of them. I am not a part of them, I am a part of YOU.

The New Plan should be written with ALL OF YOU, not just some council of people of my creation. Does that make sense? THERE MUST BE A NEW PLAN, Where is everyone? Kinda reminds me of the Pink Floyd song, Comfortably Numb “Hello, Hello, is there anybody in there, nod if you can hear me”. NOW IS THE TIME. In Short, STOP looking for a Savior, be that a human or otherwise. If you find one it was most likely created for you. Yes, there is Source/God, “dial direct” you do NOT need an intercessor nor an interpretation nor a book.

To make a “New Plan” there must be a human (live human soul) who participates and makes decisions. STOP just reading blogs then going about your day. THINK. Please THINK. The THI “Groups” were created for this purpose. THINK TANKS for the PEOPLE. Anyone can join there. There are no restrictions.


Please, if you haven’t started yet, please start now. If you need guidance or direction, please ask. If your system or new plan has a hierarchy system to it, it’s wrong, start it all again. Help me help you, and remember I bet it all, my life, my security, my job, my money, my time, my family, my home and everything else they have taken from me to STAND for YOU. I believe in YOU. Source/God believes in YOU. We only need to Unite to make this happen. I am NOT your savior, YOU are.” 


Goguen, K.A. (Manna World Holding Trust). 8/10/19 THI – Crossroad for Humanity. Truth, Honor, and Integrity Show, Aug 10, 2019. Interviewed by Thomas Williams, with guests, Randy Maugans and Alan James. Speaker, 2019. 160:37-208:04 of 214:36 minutes

Goguen, K.A. ‘Guests – Thomas Williams, Randy Maugans and a surprise visit from Kim! – Sunday 6 October 2019.’ Circle of White Light Radio. Interviewed by Alan James. Circle of White Light Radio, 2019. 1:00:28-2:30:52 of 2:30:52 minutes

Goguen, K.A. (Manna World Holding Trust). 12/26/19 THI – XMAS Special with guests and fun. Truth, Honor, and Integrity Show, Dec 26, 2019. Interviewed by Thomas Williams, with other guests. Spreaker, 2019. 215:00-233:19 of 274:39 minutes​

Transcript of Kim and Thomas:

Thomas: Hi Kim it’s been an extraordinary year, so much accomplished. Are you pleased with the way things played out this year?

Kim: Shocked, surprised, all the little pieces of the puzzle all coming together.

K: There’s been little pieces of the puzzle that we’ve put together throughout the year. Not just me, by the way. Thomas and I work quite a bit together. He’ll never tell you that, but I’m gonna tell you anyway. We’ve put together all these little pieces of the puzzle, certain things come up, we try to rectify it right away, follow instructions, listen to grievances from all places. And since probably August/September, everything’s been steam rolling, and over the last couple days since the 21st, it’s culminating into all the work that we’ve done and is kind of coming all together and now it’s all making sense. So I’m actually pretty excited for next year, now more and more every day that goes on. We have two more days left to this seven day period, right?

T: Yes

K: So, next two days might be interesting. Who knows?

T: Yes. It should be. So the banking system got quite an overall change this year. Can you explain a bit about that?

K: It did. We started out with creating a VTN or Virtual Trust Network, which is like an extra secure version of a VPN, as we needed something to replace the old back support system, which was implemented in 1978 (I think it was). It was controlled by, let’s just say a group of people based in Virginia. And, that went down, the VTN came up, and everybody’s transactions were going through the VTN, but nobody wanted to acknowledge it that it was there.

Next, that ensued a big fight between myself and some people over there, in Virginia. And then, of course, they were calling it the new quantum financial system, and this was going to implement the RV, and so on and so forth. So, we decided to add a whole bunch of new features to it. It took about a month, a month and a half and launched the Key Integrated Monetary Systems. Then we got the call saying, “Oh this is the quantum system and Langley created it,” and all this stuff. I said, “Really? Well, thank you for naming it after me.” They said, “What?” I said, “Yeah, it’s called K.I.M.S. See? = Key Integrated Monetary Systems?”

Then after that, it was the launch of the Key Intelligence and Military Systems, which gives all intelligence data, has a very large mapping system. It’s almost nearly impossible now to give false information to third party entities, via the smaller countries; anyone with an intelligence system of any sort has access now to K.I.M.S. And so when people show up to start their fake wars, and their fake tax and fake financial systems, and they’re fake this and they’re fake that – now every intelligence agency in the world has access to the same information and all the same mapping systems.

T: Yep. So it’s transparent, completely transparent.

K: It is. As you have said on your show, the FED’s control the 148 countries’ currencies and issuance of it. It was actually more of a pass-through from the Trust in the past, which is why they worship their bankers on all sides. So, it has (the K.I.M.S. system) a lot of features in there. It tracks projects, it does all the analytics for you, it does your currency analytics, it does proper valuation of currencies, it has allocated asset basis and it has allocated funds for each individual. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not NESARA, but each individual person as to job creation, and also each individual government. It’s a very even system, it’s very transparent. You can’t fudge the numbers, you can’t pull them out of a hat, like the IMF used to, or still does, and there’s none of this, “If you don’t take our IMF loan, we’re going to devalue your currency,” which they’ve done a million times, in many different countries and we could list them here for hours. It’s an excellent system if you would like a transparent system that works for everybody, not just singular groups.

T: Absolutely. For those of you who are new to THI, is it true that the trust has six seats at the UN?

K: The six seats currently being occupied by Rothschilds, claiming that they funded the UN from the

Lucifer Trust. (They) are still sitting as the steering committee, meeting every Saturday at some varying location usually in New York. Yes, there are six seats that belong to the Trust, not Lucifer Trust and not Rothschilds. But yes, they’re still attempting to steer the UN, the IMF and the World Bank and all its ancillary organizations; hence, why we have Greta. Greta is actually from Rothschild’s opposition, which is your Black Sun.

T: Oops. Recently we’ve had fake media claims that the FED printing $500 Billion and China’s getting 22 billion or more, and Trump allegedly signing off on 1.4 trillion budget deal. Can you talk about those?

K: As far as the Chinese government is concerned, they did receive a bunch of IMF and World Bank vouchers. Then attempted to print RMB or Chinese Yen against the vouchers, and the K.I.M.S. system rejected it as an invalid asset, because the bonds or vouchers or whatever you want to call them, which came from the IMF and World Bank, both are considered bankrupt at this point; therefore, it’s not a valid asset to issue currency against. It was rejected.

T: Good.

K: They were sent a message, “if they need valid assets to issue currency against, then the K.I.M.S. system would be happy to provide an allocation.” They didn’t respond.

T: Oh I guess they have no assets left. So there’s obviously a lot of talk about the FED doing another QE and they were talking about printing 500 billion, which as we know, is false. Can you explain why?

K: The Fed is Rothschilds’ toy. The two main groups playing a game against each other right now are the Black Sun and Rothschilds. So, the Fed is Rothschilds’ toy. Once Rothschilds gets wind that the Fed is going to take money from the Trust, which they always did, but just because my name is not Rothschilds, they don’t want that anymore. They pull back.

As far as the 500 billion, last I heard from the Fed, they were trying to issue dollars or some kind of crypto currency against the SDR (an IMF Special Drawing Right). But again, it’s not a real asset, because the IMF doesn’t have any money and the countries associated, at the top ranking of the SDR, don’t have any money either right now; therefore, it’s not a valid asset; therefore, it’s rejected.

As far as printing 500 billion or million, it really doesn’t matter the number at this point. The FED is in the news, they’re acting like NATO – no action talk only, just to keep the markets flowing up and down, up and down.

T: Their license ended back in 2012 for printing or operating. Is that correct?

K: Yes, the agreement with the Trust – for the trust to provide them with allocations, was June 15, 2011. The agreement to print currency on behalf of the United States government expired in 2012.

T: Oops. What do you see for the future what would you like to see?

K: A vacation?

T: Yeah, we know that.

K: Go ahead Thomas, what do you say every time I say it?

T: Uh, it’s not happening.

K: Thank you!

T: Yes, we both need a vacation. It gets tiring and tiresome at times, fighting these clowns and the fun and games.

K: Well, truthfully, I hope that in the next couple days, at the end of this seven day cycle, that it‘ll be time to distribute funds for projects, for new technologies. I‘d like to see people come up with some great new technologies, which I already know are out there. We see them all over the Internet. We see people talking them and I think those new technologies should be released, without the Non-compete plan, without the Johnson & Johnson trying to stop you, or any of the other big corporates that have a tendency to rule the world. We’ve talked about that Thomas. The Non-compete plan started in ‘75 under the World Trade Organization, which was the GATT, which virtually allowed for the trust to give free money. So, it allowed the trust to give these big corporates free money so that they could start their companies. Well, what company wouldn’t be successful with free money on a consistent basis, pouring into it? Yeah, so why shouldn’t grants be available to other companies that are starting or on a production basis or on a job creation basis? As long as you’re creating jobs with good wages or high wages and good pay, regardless if you’re in the middle of Africa or you’re in Eastern Europe or you’re in the United States. Why is one person’s day, 8 hours or 10 hours or whatever it is in a day, not worth the same? Why is it not worth the same? So I think everybody’s time is valuable and it doesn’t matter what it is you’re doing, you should be paid proper wages to support your…

T: I’ll get her back. The call just dropped, obviously, the clowns didn’t like that.

K: Apparently that’s an unacceptable thing to say. Do you know they even admit, on the Black Sun side of it, they’ll admit to you that they created the system so everybody is always wanting, that everybody always needs, there isn’t ever, ever a period of fulfilment.

T: It’s that scarcity program again isn’t it?

K: Absolutely! Actually, that’s what they call it. Remember, I showed you some of the lovely records?

T: Yes, it’s beyond sick, the way they think or act. I think we’ve made extraordinary strides this year. Of course, the ANU ended and the Destroyer end of this year, and some of the minions as well along the way. That’s going to bring a brighter future for us all. But it will take time to address all the issues, and I think our members understand that.

K: Yeah it is going to take time. I’m hoping that sometime between now and the end of January that it will be time. I am hoping that it might even be in the next couple days. Right now, it appears that both sides, neither one of them got their abundance coming from their harvest. Both sides are in the next 48 hours are going to be trying to fix a mechanism to try to make it happen. It’s not even possible. So, no it’s done. It might be a good time to try to do something else.

T: Yes, that involves all the people. It’s important that everyone has an equal side and equal input and making giant strides. Final say?

K: Wanted to actually thank you, Thomas, for all your work you did this year, all the work that nobody knows about, that Thomas does all the time. Thomas relays a lot of information to the shows. He helps a lot of people with a lot of the OP-ED pieces that he does, but Thomas actually does so much more, not only for myself (he keeps me sane), but Thomas does a lot of work behind the scenes, and a lot of the things that he reports are work that he has done himself. Everyone should thank Thomas for the things that Thomas does. You’d be surprised how many hats Thomas has of his own.

T: Thank you.

K: So I’d also like to thank all the members. None of this would be possible if all of you weren’t doing all your shadow work and waking up and treating people with love and compassion and you know all the donations and all the things that Thomas has been able to do – helping some of the members through hard times and other people. So for that, I thank all of you. I appreciate everything that you do, not only for THI and then the bigger picture but also for all of the people around the world. I appreciate all of you listening, individually, very much. That’s pretty much what I wanted to say. Keep everything up, keep up doing what you’re doing right now. I don’t think it’s going to be much longer that we get our own version of a harvest.

T: Good stuff, right.

K: And thank you so much for hanging on Thomas. I know you’ve been going now for four hours straight. I had to listen to the Drake, Drakey, Drakey.

T: Oh it‘s classic, glad he’s good at it.

So I want to say a big thanks to you from all the members, because I get lots of emails and chat and comments to pass on to you and don’t always get the

chance to do so. Here’s our opportunity to say a big thanks to you from all at THI. Thank you!

K: Thank you so much Thomas. I’ve been proud to be a member of the tiny club. We’re both the same height. You know my daughter has a name for you?

T: Right, OK.

K: Do you want to hear it?

T: Yes, I do.

K: Everybody want to hear it?

T: She calls you the human version of Yoda, because you’re always giving her some kind of advice or some kind of gentle, the way that you speak all the time, especially to my daughter she’s just call you a human Yoda. No reference to you being tiny. All right have a great rest of the show Thomas.

T: Will do and thanks Kim, see you soon.

K: Okay, take care.

T: Bye.

Goguen, K.A. ‘Guests – Thomas Williams, Liam and Kim – Sunday 16 February 2020.’ Circle of White Light Radio. Interviewed by Alan James. Circle of White Light Radio, 2020. 1:05:23-2:20:55 of 2:25:20 minutes

Transcript of Q & A with Alan James and Kim:

Q & A with Kim @ 1:32:58

Alan (reading a question from a listener): Where is the funds kept and where are the world trust documents held? Can we see them or is it all on your say so?

Kim: Legally speaking, the trust is not a trust. It was not structured this way. First of all, I didn’t structure it. It was already like this when I became trustee. It is legally a country. It possesses its own Central Bank; it possesses its own country code, and it is an entity unto itself. Legally speaking, it also signed off on the sovereignty of every other country virtually in existence. Therefore, these countries are all subsidiaries of the trust.

Remember I said everybody used to be an employee of the system? This is why.

The governments are an employee of the system. Then, the people are an employee of the system, right down to the very last person. Everybody is feeding into the system. So, there are not trust documents. In legal documents in the archives of countries, to which the trust has signed treaties with, including the United Nations, it’s listed as “Unknown Country” or “No Name Country.” 

It’s always been running this way.

….Just one more line to that last question. Remember, I’m not selling anything to anybody. I’m guarding something. That’s my job. And unlike my predecessors, I’m trying to do the right thing by the people. All these people have done to me, basically, from government to agencies to average everyday people on the internet is just scream at me all the time.

I’m trying to turn this around, nobody’s helping. You’ve got myself, Thomas helps me virtually on a daily basis with work. Meaning, he is participating on a daily basis, coming up with ideas how to fix this problem, how solve that problem. We banter back and forth and we come up with the next step. But other than that, everybody wants to see documentation. Everybody wants to see something. What are you going to do with it, if you get it? Are you going to post it on Facebook? What are you going to do with it? Are you going to show it to the government and have the government purportedly help you?

I’ve done this a million times and nobody’s wanted to talk to me. They do call me every time they need money, but nobody is doing anything to help us. Everybody expects us to slay the dragon for them, literally.

Thomas: People asking, “What can I do to help?”

Kim: I’ll tell you what would happen. I already know the answer to the question. I was asked by a particular country’s agency, less than 48 hours ago, to send over all the documentation, all the information about the new name of the trust, because the name Manna is no longer present. It’s individualized, it’s broken up into hundreds of thousands, if not millions of pieces right now. Each account now has a purpose, and all the account numbers have changed. They’re all not the same anymore. I created new ones, I’m moving things around.

Why do you think they wanted to know that? They didn’t want to know that, so they could validate the trust. What they wanted to know was so they could replicate these documents; so they can replicate and add themselves as the new chosen one or the Jesus number 682. That is why they wanted it. So I reversed it out on them. Basically, what I did is I gave my represented in this particular country, my Majestic clearance, which is the highest clearance level, 2-3 layers above NATO’s clearance level in the World. I said, “You don’t have enough clearance to have that information. I am so sorry.”

(Anna Von Reitz) All she wanted to do is sign bonds against in ground assets of the United States and sell the bonds to the Vatican, who also doesn’t have any money. 

Here’s the thing, do you see me telling everybody “I’m Fiduciary” or whatever? Just go be it! I mean, Thomas talks about maybe about 2% of the things that happen in our lives on a daily basis, very little information actually comes out as to the work that happens behind it, because it’s not an actionable item for the people. What are the people going to do with this information?

Everybody’s looking for mass arrest. Let’s just say tomorrow, the entire government of the United States or the United Kingdom or Russia, all quits?

Question: How did the Trust manage to take all of the money and the assets away from the Rothschilds?

Kim: First of all, the Dragon Families, which are the Rothschild, whether you’re Chinese or Middle Eastern or Russian or British or African, they’re all the same. They all work together. Different colors were created for different regions of the world, but it’s all the same organization. At the highest level, they are a coven. They were supposed to be guardians. They were supposed to be the guardians of the wealth of humanity. But, 3,000 years ago, Solomon decided that he was going to build the second temple, which is the Trust. Collect all the assets, Solomon’s mines around the world. But, God left him. Solomon started talking to the demons and says, “What can you do for me? What can you do for me?” He decided to work with the demons and not the angels, so to speak. The demons have been guarding for 3,000 years, until December 2018. The covenant was broken, finally, at that point.

To answer your question, as a Guardian of the Trust, as a Trustee of the Trust, which is what they were, the owner of the Trust is ALL OF HUMANITY and some others, but humanity has its portion. They were supposed to be guarding on behalf of all humanity.

These people were permitted to take 2% of everything that they did. That’s one way that they gained a lot of wealth. When they came to the UK, Rothschild was broke. They got a 20,000 British Pound loan from Trust and that’s how he started.

As Trustee, he was supposed to be investing on behalf of all of humanity and pay proper wages and supposed to do all of these things in your big corporations, and they didn’t. They are not permitted to profit directly from any investment that the Trust makes as Trustee. They were allowed to have 2% for personal security, personal well-being, travel, in order to manage the affairs of the Trust, like the office fund/company fund. It’s not for personal gain. It’s supposed to be to pay yourself a salary conducive to the job that you’re doing. The rest of it is for personnel, someone to answer the telephone, to pay the telephone bill.

So what they did is they structured it so they would get 2nd, 3rd, and 4th party profits. As an example, the trust invested and created air bus, manufacture planes. Still to this day, Rothschild receives one free plane every year. That’s supposed to be the trust plane, that’s supposed to be humanity’s plane. It’s not! What about all the oil and gas?

They keep trying to recreate things they already did. As an example, you have the Black Sun, which is the other side. One of the two of them is responsible for selling a bond or 189 trillion dollars in derivatives against all the oil in the Middle East, just the oil, not the gas. They get angry when they can’t re re-assign it so they can get more money. “But, you already sold it!”

Question: Famous people we know who were Trustees of the Trust. The public thought these people were brilliant, like Nelson Mandela. But, if they were so nice and brilliant people, why didn’t they use the money they had through the Trust to help the people?

Kim: First of all, there is good and bad in everyone and what my predecessor used to do, he would let people get so far and progress so much before he would try to own them. He spent 3-4 years trying to own me, trying to control me. “What is it that you desire? What is it that you want?” I just didn’t fall for it. I’m not interested in anything he was selling and when it was apparent that he couldn’t, all was lost for him.

Using 7 Deadly Sins.

Question: What do you see happening in 2020?

Kim: We ended last year with a bang. We are no longer a harvest planet. All those ties have been severed. We are constantly making strides forward as far as funds release. We created all these new systems to try and make this possible. We can use anyone’s pocket system or wallet system that they have available in order to transfer funds directly, they become their own bank. We can do that now. We don’t need banks anymore. We’re still trying to work with these banks. We just have to find all their gatekeeper programs and pass through them. We have passed through many. We don’t need to worry about gatekeeper programs, if it’s a new bank outside the system or pocket system. We’re talking to a lot of people that are in the process of building these types of things. A lot of times it’s chicken and egg, “we need money to finish,” and “we need you to start.”

What are you going to do when funds do come? How are you going to handle your own personal wealth? It has been momentous unto itself, and I have to applaud people like Liam that have put together amazing programs that have done some great things for people without the trust, and my hope by the end of this year, nobody will need the trust anymore. Everybody will be on their own doing their own thing. Now what are you going to do?

Question: What’s your take on this Coronavirus?

Kim: First of all, the Coronavirus is the common cold virus. All they did was mutated it a little bit so that it would spread faster and have more of an impact. I guarantee you, worldwide, more people have died of just the common flu than have of the Coronavirus.

I’ll give you an example of something that happened when my predecessor was still alive. A few years ago, everybody was talking about Ebola. They had a plan to make $800 Billion, the U.N., off the Ebola virus selling the vaccine. The Ebola virus is mentioned throughout his-tory. How did they already have a vaccine for something that was new? How could you have the U.N. or the World Health Organization, all of a sudden, has vaccine, when no one seems to know how to cure the common cold and it’s the same virus?

“Create the problem and BE the SOLUTION” is what they say.

Final words: I just wanted to thank everybody that listened to the show today. 2020 will be as good as everyone wants it to be, because everyone will be participating. The more people that participate in what Liam is doing, what THI groups are doing, the better 2020 will be for all. STOP WAITING for other people. Thomas and I are doing the best we can. We wear many hats. It’s not just all about money either on a daily basis.

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Who Is Kimberly A. Goguen? PT. 5




The Truth about the Global Hierarchy

WARNING: The content I am about to share is fact. It is not in line with the agenda portrayed through the mainstream narrative. You will not be able to verify this article through your typical Google search. The reality described herein will explain parts of the public illusion being portrayed in American politics.

The Global Hierarchy:

Behind the bravado and sharp comments of President Trump, he lays out an agenda to restore the Republic of the United States. The President is playing his role as the front man, while the deeper changes to the system are taking place behind the scenes.

There is a reason for everything. In addition, today marks the takedown of the biggest criminal cartel in history – The Federal Reserve. Right now, the Master Trust, which is actually the Supreme Central Bank of the world, has called in an obscene debt held against the Federal Reserve. This Trust holds the entire off-ledger system for every major bank in the world, the secret stash that has allowed the ruling elite to remain in power for a hundred years.

Every country in the world, on both sides of every war has utilized this system to hide their wealth. The same Trust is connected to the world’s largest computer mapping system, acts as the Asset Redemption program for every country in the world, and holds the assets for the Bank of International Settlements, the International Monetary Fund, the United Nations, and the World Bank.

The Trust is recognized in the International Financial System as its own Sovereign Country, with the highest-level Homeland Security clearance in the world. It is registered in the UN Black Server and the Intelligence Agencies of every Nation as “the Unknown Country.”

The Security Clearance level for the Comptroller and Trustee of “the Unknown Country,” is 41 levels above the President of the United States. The Global Financial System has been controlled by this entity since 1978 when everything was made digital. At the same time, the Rothschilds’ launched the Poseidon system to act as a siphon to filter money to their Trust accounts using the SWIFT system.

Every country recognizes this Trust as the Asset Redemption System. They used to acquire assets and register them to the system and in return, they would receive an allocation of currency that receives a number attached to the registered asset. Turning hard assets into spendable currency is how the M1 level transactions has always been accomplished.

In 2007, “the Unknown Country” took possession of every in ground and mined asset on the planet. After that, the Trust was shut off from the hundreds of Trustees who previously had access to it. This included Bill and Hillary Clinton, George Herbert Walker Bush, the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, the Lees, and various other bloodline members of the Dragon Families.

These various controllers held the world captive, passing their secrets of the real world history, hidden technologies, age defying treatments, cures for diseases, energetic and spiritual knowledge, and various mind control techniques from one generation to the next. These families were led to believe they had a Sovereign right to enslave, control, and utilize humanity in whatever manner they chose.

The Owner of the Trust was a master in the Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War.” He was killed in an act of self-defense almost three years ago. In the original establishment of our current money system dating back to Babylon, currency was used as a method of control for world domination. War was seen as a necessary tool for behavior modification and population control.

The Iron Mountain Agenda:

In 1963, a select group was assembled at Iron Mountain to discuss the transition over to a peaceful Global society. “The Special Study Group was established in August 1963, its members were instructed to govern their deliberations in accordance with three principal criteria. Briefly stated, they were these: 1) military-style objectivity; 2) avoidance of preconceived value assumptions; 3) inclusion of all relevant areas of theory and data.”

The volatility of humanity was a given fact, and War was an accepted mechanism of control. Based on the initial assumptions mentioned above, the group concluded that if peace were to be achieved a common enemy would have to be identified to unite the citizens of the World.

Various options were proposed including the creation of a global environmental crisis that united people around the fight to save the planet. The Iron Mountain report stated that a “viable substitute for war as a social system cannot be a mere symbolic charade. It must involve risk of real personal destruction.” Other options including the use of the economy as a credible enemy were discussed as viable options to ensure survival of the species, rather than its improvement.

The study group was charged with the task of observing the human ecology from an outside perspective, seeking only to control and maintain the status quo, but under peaceful conditions. The report has sculpted many of the practices we see in our modern society. The practice of infanticide was recently made legal in New York State. The use of sexual mutilation or castration, to maintain the population, can be seen in the current movement of forced hormones in the food causing impotence and infertility, as well as the cultural guidance shaming the Alpha Male. The practice of monasticism, as attempted by the Catholic Church has not been successful as reports are constantly being generated that the crimes of pedophilia were a regular practice of the priests. One option was forced emigration; as has been seen recently over the past few years as people have been pushed out of their country of origin due to economic, political, and social conditions, and bribed to leave by Humanitarian Activist groups claiming to help. They also suggested the use of extensive capital punishment, which has been practiced here and abroad with a range of techniques using torture, to extensive prison sentences for nonviolent crimes.

The Iron Mountain Report and the “the Unknown Country” are directly connected to the current political environment you are witnessing on a Global scale. The “Great Dictator” of “the Unknown Country” is the one responsible for the Iron Mountain Study, and he is the same one that devised the plan based on that report that the remnants of his legacy are trying to execute. This study was part of the needs assessment used to create the Public United Nations Agenda 21, now called Agenda 2030 or the Sustainable Development Agenda, and the secret “Divine Plan” with the “The Great Dictator” would have played the role of the Divine. There are too many mysterious pieces to explain in this puzzle for an article of this nature, so let me give you some guidelines we can discuss later.

The “Great Dictator” was not your friend. The Dragon Families were never really in control. They were merely the head slaves to a heartless Global Monarch, and every Nation in the world bowed to his authority. In 2007, after every asset on the planet was registered to the ownership of “the Unknown Country,” the Great Dictator did not allow anyone to create legal asset-backed currency again. The Quantum mapping system utilized to run every computer system in the world, also had the ability to access and broadcast certain frequencies that could destabilize matter, in a matter of seconds. The plan was to turn the Earth to dust and start over with the flip of a switch by sending out this deadly frequency. The Dragon Family banking cartels who have run the Central Banking System are still in denial that they would be part of the collateral damage. However, one thing they know for sure is that they do not have control of the Quantum Mapping System that controls the off-ledger accounts, where all of their ill-gotten gains are held.

If allowed to run its course, this plan would certainly have a catastrophic ending for humanity and the planet itself. Nevertheless, there is a resistance working behind the scenes to liberate humanity from this oppression. Much of the original resistance started in the 70’s have been deceived with a compartmentalized version of a bigger story creating division and misunderstanding. The alternative media generally does their best to report insider details, but if they are making a living providing intelligence to the public, then they are dealing with two parts of a completely controlled system. This makes it very easy for the “Deep State” to create division by controlling the information released to even the alternative media sources. Other groups that worked to reinstate the Republic, according to the original Constitution, were also infiltrated and used to launch a righteous movement that lacked the full scope of the authority needed to sculpt their vision. At least part of  the “White Hats” found themselves wrapped up protecting the Chinese Elders in return for various foreign currencies they were told would revalue and make them all rich, while banking on the same event to liberate the world. One hundred and Thirty-Six (136) Countries had debts owed to them by the Rothschild Dragon Families or the Central Banks, paid in the same currencies promising oil credits, and an eventual Global Currency Reset to restore war torn countries and unite the world under the United Nations Global Government.

The Financial Reset was actually part of the plan described in the Iron Mountain Report to create an economic enemy to replace war. It would essentially crash the world economy, forcing a desperate situation for the entire world declaring a Global Emergency allowing the United Nations to seize control of every country’s military due to a clause in the Global Martial Law agreement. This would lead to Global Disarmament of the people, leaving them defenseless to defend themselves in the next phase.

The US Dollar would crash in value, allowing the Bankers to save the day by offering an alternative Digital Global Currency. In the Confidential documents describing the Global Currency Reset that every country in the world signed off on, there are two options: an asset-backed currency or a 100% digital currency, doing away with any cash transactions. This would make the Organized Criminal Banking Cartels the absolute authority over all financial activity in the world. In essence, this would eliminate the need for National Governments, Capitalism, or freedom. In the same document, it introduces Universal Income, which would be embraced by the impoverished masses that they created but would negate our ability to thrive in the longrun.

In 2015, the United Nations announced that they would abolish poverty by 2030. Most people did not realize that they meant they would in fact eliminate the impoverished through various means of publicly accepted genocide. This is why we are currently allowing our water to be poisoned by Fluoride, which is considered a life threatening biohazard, waste product, and poison. Our food is being genetically modified (GMOs) to reduce nutrients, increase hormone imbalances, cause infertility, and shorten human lifespans. Chemtrails creating weaker bones, reducing the oxygen in the air, and causing premature aging are poisoning the air.

The American Medical Association calls this the “Long slow death alternative.” This is the alternative to curing diseases like Cancer by preventing things like the measles that build the immunity and defense to fight Cancer naturally, hiding patented cures, and injecting diseases directly into children and adults using Vaccines. These are not anomalies that were overlooked, a difference in opinion about treatment options, or a conspiracy theory. These facts are backed by extensive studies, evidence based science, and detailed reports from various accredited organizations.

Global Warming:

The same plan is being played out with the “Global Warming” myth that is currently being challenged publicly by over 31,000 environmental scientists worldwide. Unfortunately, one of the many side effects of the consumption of fluoride, which is compacted the networks broadcasting at a 440 frequency, as observed with Jews during the Holocaust. When they willingly walked to their own death in the gas chambers, never questioning that they were getting a shower, that is evidence based reports contradicting Global Warming, are not repeated with a great enough frequency to break through the malaise caused by all of the forced drug and poison consumption. The real tragedy is not that people do not believe fact based reporting, it is that they will believe and respond to anything repeated with enough frequency, but will sit and wait for someone else to do something about the facts. This has created a zombified public looking to the internet and television for direction on what to think on any given topic, and a divisionary, Willy Lynch, “How to Make a Slave” style of self-enslavement never allowing the people to see who the real enemy is. So, while we argue on Twitter about nonsensical matters, we are all being poisoned on a daily basis.

This structure has allowed control systems to be placed in layers to ensure the people are constantly tricked into to new agreements where we are forced to trade our freedom for survival. Fortunately, the contracts that allowed the evil empire to maintain control of the Quantum System have all expired, and an advocate for the people took control of the system in 2012. She is 99.8% Bioidentical to the Mitochondrion Eve.  Kim renamed it to “The Manna World Holding Trust” in 2012, when the system automatically switched over to only allowing access to the genetic anomaly that occurs every 2,000 years identifying the most human DNA on the planet.

Contrary to the previous Comptroller, and the gaggle of elite criminal Trustees who operated with a visceral hatred towards humanity, the current Trustee, Kimberly Ann Goguen appears to be fearless and incorruptible. Despite receiving no support from the Government or the banks, she has judiciously stood by the people determined to distribute the assets of the planet back to the people and directly to the Governments. This may not seem unique, but less than 2% of every humanitarian project claiming to have been “funded” by the United Nations, has ever reached the actual project owners. Furthermore, it is the most powerful secret societies in the world that she has been opposed by. As I have explained above, they have controlled everything for a thousand years, and their reach extends into every aspect of our reality.

She is affectionately referred to as Kim-Possible on the internet, and is a hero for those who realize what she has done. She has dismantled the Deep State worldwide, taken back control of the entire financial system, and given humanity the chance to realize our true potential. On February 14, 2019, Valentine’s Day, she called in the debt owed by the Federal Reserve to the Manna World Holding Trust. She then turned over the debt for collection to the Department of the US Treasury.

Currently, the Department of the Treasury is in a meeting at the White House discussing their new responsibility replacing the role previously played by the privately owned Federal Reserve. For the first time, the responsibility to dictate interest rates, print US Currency, and decide how the people are taxed, is held in the hands of the United States. This affects every country in the world and every person in the world. This marks the end of 16,000 years of slavery for everyone on the planet. This makes it possible to release hidden technologies, hidden cures, and the real human history of the planet.

The collective consciousness of the planet requires a gentle awakening. This historical activity is only palatable because of the present circumstances. There has in fact been a conspiracy committed against the citizens of the world. However, the real tragedy will be if we knowingly ignore sound facts because they are uncomfortable. We have this moment to make history and find the common purpose that we can all agree with. We have an opportunity to create a better way for everyone. It all starts with you.



9 November, 2018 21:21


I read your comments sent to Project Speak. Again, you just can’t help yourself with your jealous banter about who stole what from whom.

Some of this does need addressing for the whole world to understand. No matter what I write or speak you will bastardize it, but this is not for you, this is for THE PEOPLE.

You say “Nothing more than pirates who stole from the Jews and the Americans”

First of all, this “Trust” has existed LONG BEFORE there was ever an “America” and long before there ever were “Jewish people.” If by Jewish People you mean Rothschild then you need to understand their origin. They were a very poor family who had been thrown out of England in the 1500’s taken in by the Hapsburg family, and then the “commoners” known as Rothschild married into royalty then proceeded to take over their family fortune. If you are referring to the 12 Tribes of Israel (which was not even located where modern day Israel is) you need to go back much further to understand the history of Ur Rus Salam. That is a story for another day.

Are you saying the only civilizations which existed on planet earth who have had their assets and money stolen from them are the “Jews and The Americans” you couldn’t be further away from the TRUTH. What about the AFRICANS? Tribes of Africa existed thousands of years before the Rus people? The Europeans? The South American Tribes? The Canadians? The Inuits? Are you really so bold as to say these people had NOTHING until the “Americans and the Jews?” The history of the Rus people goes back over 150,000 years, Africans about the same. “Jewish Tribes” did not emerge until a few thousand years ago, let alone any “organized religion.” Saul was the first “King” of the Jews and that wasn’t until 1078 BC.

Your history is flawed. Did the NAZI group steal from Jewish People per the order of other Jewish People known as Rothschild? Yes. Did Hitler offer up the head of every LIVE JEW in his custody for 50 cents a piece to ROTHSCHILD?? Yes. THEY DECLINED. So do not talk to me about “Jews and Americans”.

Rothschild was a “Trustee” AIPAC Trustee, Kissenger Trustee, Chinese Elders Trustee, Templars Trustee, Saudis Trustee, Indonesians Trustee, Austrians Trustee, Mendela Trustee, Qaddafi Trustee, Khomeni Trustee, Anthony Martin Trustee, Lee Family of Singapore Trustee, Soekarno, Sowarno and the list goes on and on, 600 in total. ALL TRUSTEES. NOT OWNERS, NOT CUSTODIANS, NOT BENEFICIARIES. ONLY TRUSTEES.

“Trustee… A trustee manages property that is held in trust. A trust is an arrangement in which one person holds the property of another for the benefit of a third party, called the beneficiary. The beneficiary is usually the owner of the property or a person designated as the beneficiary by the owner of the property.”

Their TRUSTEESHIP position ended officially December 23rd, 2012 ALL OF THEM. The Covenant expired. They were granted a 5 year extension to “Do the right thing” on behalf of the OWNERS. OWNERS ARE ALL THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD. Yes Anna, There are 7 continents and they are inhabited by almost 9 Billion People and there are only about 380 Million Americans. Only 5.2 million have any Native American Blood, and even less, around 2.2 million people are “mostly pure” American Indians. There are around 15 million Jewish people (including converts) in the world.. WHAT ABOUT THE REST OF US??


You can talk about hackers and what not, but WE ARE DOING IT. Not talking jibber jabber on the internet with no real basis in reality.


Kim “Possible”


Comments Sent to the
Speak Project:

What a complete and utter bunch of crap. Pirates are not saviors.
The assets in the bogus “Manna World Holding Trust” were all stolen from the Americans and the Jews and now these MIT Hacker Wannabe Robinhoods think that their leaky, substandard, rehashed binary system is the Bees Knees. I think they are all sick, unworthy, nasty, despicable criminals who deserve recognition as such. Stealing from the Americans to “protect” them is nothing but a bunch of old racketeering excuses.

These are the pirates who set up the QFS system created by MIT hackers. “Manna Trust” is just more thieves pretending to be Robinhood. I have all the receipts and I know the actual owners of these trusts.

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Kimberly Ann Goguen – Going Back to the Start




Much gratitude to Jenefer with The Write Agency, and her team, for giving us permission to share this ebook, recently published through THI. She is the editor-in-chief, which features her beautiful artwork, and the author of chapters 3 & 5. Jenefer has worked with the Original tribes for 30 years and is part of the Aboriginal tribe assisting Kim, to help identify the loophole and create the Peace Treaty. She also knows our wonderful Chief Tui Lomaloma from Fiji.

Goguen, K.A., Kim’s Communications. Public messages of Kimberly A. Goguen, aka Kim ‘Possible,’ Trustee of the Manna World Holding Trust from September 12, 2012. Compiled and transcribed by P. Marquis. Draft: Oct 7, 2019. ©

Interviews on Podcast (chronologically):

Goguen, K.A. (Universal Protection Unit Command). TH&I Welcomes the Universal Protection Unit. Truth, Honor, and Integrity Show, Aug 25, 2016. Interviewed by Thomas Williams. Speaker, 2016.

Goguen, K.A. (Manna World Holding Trust). THI Special: The Foundation/Kingdom of Manna. Truth, Honor, and Integrity Show, Aug 1, 2017. Interviewed by Thomas Williams. Speaker, 2017.

Goguen, K.A. (Manna World Holding Trust). Treaty for Sovereignty of the United States of America. Truth, Honor, and Integrity Show, Feb 1, 2018. Read by Thomas Williams. Speaker, 2018.

Goguen, K.A. (Manna World Holding Trust). THI Special Update Show with Miss Manna. Truth, Honor, and Integrity Show, Feb 14, 2018. Interviewed by Thomas Williams. Speaker, 2018

Goguen, K.A. (Manna World Holding Trust). Q&A show with a twist 11/9/18. Truth, Honor, and Integrity Show, Nov 9, 2018. Interviewed by Thomas Williams. Speaker

Goguen, K.A. (Manna World Holding Trust). “Global Marshal Law Hierarchy Chart from Kim — Manna World Trust.” Deep-Sixing the Deep State with Thomas Williams and Kim of Manna World Trust. (Excerpt with visuals). Off Planet Radio, Nov 11, 2018. Interviewed by Randy Maugans. Speaker


  1. Goguen, K.A. (MANNA WORLD HOLDING TRUST). Anti-Terrorist and Anti-Collusion Treaty 3 December 2017. Between the independent Sovereign Nations of Manna World Holding Trust and Kingdom of Manna. Document number: 000044-051220-171135. Blog, Speak Project, 2019. Accessed Aug 13, 2019.
  3. Goguen, K.A. (MANNA WORLD HOLDING TRUST). “Cease and Desist.” (15 December 2017.) 
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Who Is Kimberly A. Goguen? PT. 7 Final




By SPEAK Project | Sep 9, 2019, | Kim/Manna Blog PostsNews Blog

Kim Clement Prophecy on March 25, 2011

Kimberly Goguen on Off Planet Radio on 11/11/18

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