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SPEAK Project Special Report: Cancer Protocols –Part I



By Lane Keller | Sep 20, 2019 

Speak Project accepts no outside funds, endorses no expenditure of money, and receives no benefit from the sale of any product or service, including all suggestions, links, products and services mentioned or provided here. As always, when looking for truth try following the money. PROFIT and DECEPTION go hand in hand.

WE ARE NOT MEDICAL DOCTORS. This post is for informational purposes only. We are not recommending any method, treatment or cure. As always do your due diligence and consult your health professionals as necessary. Our only agenda is to disseminate truth and facilitate freedom of choice.

PLEASE USE YOUR DISCERNMENT AND RESEARCH EVERYTHING. Different protocols or foods work for different individuals, for different forms of cancer and for different contributing or causal factors. Use Yippy to search for details, and Yandex as a back up. Earthclinic and CureZone are good resources. Google is in the process of eradicating all natural health cures from searches. Wikipedia routinely names heroic healers and researchers as frauds. Upon last check Duckduckgo, while eliminating ads, runs on the Google algorithm and will censor your results.

Many thanks to all those who contributed to the creation of this article.

A Word About Outside Influence

Let’s address the influence of the medical community and of well-meaning friends and family. You are probably breaking from the pack just by reading this post. To say you are treating what is ailing you naturally will probably generate fear, intervention and pushback from those around you. Your family will insist you undergo radiation or chemo, or even mental health counseling to correct your disposition towards natural healing. If you don’t obey them, they will try to intercede.

Remember that this is your decision and no one else’s. Medical “science” does not recognize the power of natural solutions, lifestyle, causative factors, or state of mind. Keep naysayers at bay and never let their fears become yours. Never allow dire prognoses or the death sentences the medical community likes to hand out like so much candy to penetrate your consciousness. Do whatever it takes to stay in a high-vibrational, positive space. Laugh, dance, have fun –and decide you are going to be healthy because YOU say you will.

We are a combination of our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. These are intricately integrated and work in amazing symbiosis with one another. Neglect one; neglect them all. Do not pass over any of the aspects of you as less important than another. How you choose to address them is your choice, but make sure you take care of all of you.

Allopathic vs. Naturopathic

You’ve heard it before:

  • Natural treatments get the body to cure itself.
  • No harmful side effects
  • Cures from God
  • Natural is better than synthetic.
  • The AMA, FDA and more are based on profits.
  • Big Pharma is propagating a multi billion dollar cancer industry.
  • It costs pennies to cure naturally and hundreds of thousands to undergo medical treatment.
  • Of course they want us ill!
  • Address the root cause, not the symptom–and more.

All these statements are true.

Orthodox, or allopathic treatment for cancer involves cutting (surgery), burning (radiation) and poisoning (chemotherapy). It looks at the symptom, not the cause. Naturapathic treatment for disease looks at the whole person, the root cause of illness, and the factors generating the cancer mutation, and eradicates them, causing the body to purge, attack, shrink or stop the cancer through its own processes, without negative side effects.

Cancer is a curative process gone awry, to paraphrase G. Edward Griffin, author of The Creature from Jekyll Island and World Without Cancer; The Story of Vitamin B17. Allopathic, or holistic, natural treatments are meant to get the body back on course and eliminate the illness on its own. In the process you will become a healthier, stronger, and most likely a happier individual.

THE BASICS: Start Here



Eliminate all sugar, especially processed sugar. Cancer feeds on sugar. Eliminate GMO’s and pesticides, and all food that does not come in it’s natural, unadulterated form. Eliminate or greatly reduce dairy, red meat and all processed foods.

Cancer can not live in an alkaline environment, which means eliminating highly acidic foods and eating alkalinizing foods. A comprehensive list is found in the links below.

Inflammation is a key player. Doctors, if they are honest, will tell you that all nearly all major health conditions stem from the primary cause of chronic systemic inflammation. Live Love Fruit reports Maija Kohonen-Corish from the Garvan Institute of Medical Research as saying: “chronic inflammation causes cancer through tissue destruction and scarring, and reshaping of the tissue architecture, as well as contributing to changes in gene expression that sustain tumorigenesis. The constant presence of inflammation in the body also creates an environment where cancer cells thrive.”

All of us have inflammation in one form or another. Reduce inflammation through diet and possibly by taking supplements like fish oils and oil of oregano to start, and by addressing lifestyle choices. Inflammation in the body will enable cancer to spread. A list of anti-inflammatory foods is included below.

Changing your diet means getting back to basics. If you are leery of “organic” foods, it may be because you remember that the laws for organic farming changed sometime in the 90’s. This was so big box grocers like Walmart, Costco and Target could profit from the skyrocketing demand for healthy foods and sell to the masses. The new, lesser standards include the use of toxic sludge (human waste), as well as lowered acceptable rates of pesticides, byproducts and other toxins. Are grocery store organics better than the lower-priced “normal” foods? Yes, if they are non-GMO. A better solution would be to find a trustworthy organic grower at your local farmers market or grow your own (see below).

Why is non-GMO more important than organic? You can get rid of 80-90% of pesticides by soaking produce in one TBL 35% food grade Hydrogen Peroxide mixed with filtered water, for 20 minutes. You can also remove the skin, though this is a shame because that’s where many of the nutrients are concentrated. You can not get rid of GMO’s, however.

The cost of treating cancer medically is much higher than going through this minimal effort. When you get down to it, upgrading your diet is the least expensive way to go and will have untold, lasting benefits.


Get to know your seller. Or start growing your food, indoors if necessary. Apartment dwellers: look into a vertical hydroponics system, relatively inexpensive to build yourself, and also available as kits. You can grow an enormous amount of food floor to ceiling in 2’x2′ space. Use heirloom organic seeds from a reputable seed company that has not been bought out by one of the big companies. DO NOT USE ANYTHING IN THE SYSTEM THAT IS NOT ORGANIC NON-GMO. You may have to buy grow lights, and you will need an aquarium pump and other basic supplies, generally totaling no more than $200. Again, prioritize. Wholesome, nutritious food without adulteration is a priority in healing your body.


Juicing is like upping the nutritive value of your food by 100 times, according to food researcher Robert Von Sarbacher. Buy a masticating juicer, not centrifugal, as these juicers kill vital enzymes. A masticating juicer manually extracts the juice instead of using a motor, which produces heat. A good model is the Omega J8006, which is very easy to use and clean. Buy one used if you have to, as this is a necessary expense.

Try various combinations of cancer-fighting vegetables and fruits that please your palate. Make sure to include dark leafy vegetables and parsley. Use fresh ginger and garlic. If you need sweetening, add carrots and /or small amount of beet or apples.

Beets are blood cleansers but can make you nauseous if you drink too much of them at once. Add some fresh lemon to counteract this. Juicing is important because it delivers the highest level of nutrients straight into your body. It is like receiving a daily blood infusion. Since you are using organics it is best to leave the skin on for nutrients.


While juicing is a detoxer and blood builder, the pulp contained in the whole vegetable or fruit adds fiber, and is necessary to build up bodily resources. Unlike juicing, smoothies use the whole food without extracting the pulp. If you can not afford a high-priced Blendtec or Vitamix ($400+), get the Nutribullet or the highest wattage regular blender you can find, such as the Hamilton Beach 54221, 700 watts, which costs approximately $30. Even better, look up “commercial blenders” and buy a 1700 watt model for around $80-100. Smoothies are especially good as you can hide all sorts of supplements in there.


Go to their clinic if you can afford it, or adopt and/or modify the program which utilizes juicing combined with other healing methods. The Budwig center has a cottage cheese and flaxseed protocol that people say works.


Drink PH Balance water whenever possible. Buy a Kangan water filter if you can afford it, which restructures the water in a way that heals and revitalizes the body. Throw four shungite rocks into each one of your water containers. Shungite reverses negative polarity, and four rocks have shown to be the optimum number. Buy only from a reputable source directly from Kerala, Russia.

Essentially, you will need an under-counter, or above counter multi-stage reverse osmosis unit that in addition to reducing the normal array of toxins reduces fluoride by at least 99%. Check the water in your area. Cities post their yearly water analyses online. Make sure the filter you buy addresses the toxins in your area.

You can pick up a R/O machine with multiple filtration tiers for $100-$200. Brita pitchers and the like have been shown to add toxins and heavy metals BACK INTO the water. Stay away unless you have found one that really does what you want it to.


Get into rebounding (min-trampoline). Fun!
Rebounding is the only exercise that massages the inner organs, clears every lymph node in the body, can be done with very little impact, and cleanses the GI tract.
If this minor exercise is too much at first, look into a well-reviewed chi machine which produces similar benefits with less effort, and build up to rebounding.


Whether environmental, physical, or hereditary, disease can only take root in an emotionally and spiritually susceptible body. Emotional susceptibility includes things like unhappiness, despair, repressed trauma, lack of self worth, lack of love from a partner, loneliness, frustration, loss, grief, anger, rage, stress, and more.

We must deal with the emotion that is making us sick. We can eat better, cleanse, exercise, etc., but if we don’t address the emotion that is the root cause we won’t stay well and our bodies will continue to get sick. Emotions are 90% of who we are and unhealed negative emotions manifest in physical ailments and disease. Our emotions can derive from our lineage, handed down like DNA, or we can absorb them in the womb or through traumatic life events.

At the early part of her career Louise Hay wrote a great little reference book entitled, Heal Your Body (Hay House 1987). This tiny volume gave what she called the metaphysical causes for the illnesses we experience and affirmations to correct them. About cancer, Hay said: “caused by deep hurt, longstanding resentment; deep secret or grief eating away at the self. Carrying hatreds.”

For Louise had developed cancer herself and found the spiritual/emotional cause to be connected to the repressed trauma of childhood abuse. Once she uncovered the source of her troubled emotions she was able to deal with them and eradicate the cancer.

Since Heal Your Body, hundreds of books have elaborated upon this concept. There are a variety of ways of getting to the emotional cause of illness, and they begin with introspection.

Spiritual susceptibility includes things like not doing a daily cleansing, prayer if appropriate, and not staying (for lack of a better term) “in the light.” This means act from your heart in service to others not to self, and don’t participate in the dark of arts of any kind. Do not engage in witchcraft of any sort, and this message is meant for those who think witchcraft can be a force of good. Ultimately anything that impinges upon another person’s free will is an occult practice and feeds the dark.

Other practices to avoid are using the Ouija board, hurting another person in any way, use of drugs, indulging in excess alcohol, joining occult societies, and going to places filled with dark energy. These include (dirt) bars, cemeteries, hospitals (medical workers, cleanse yourselves), nursing homes, and any place that does not feel right.


Functionally, cancer is:

  • a change in original cellular structure resulting in a mutation that can go out of control

Cancer is, contains, or is caused by:

  • fungus, virus, environmental toxins, chronic inflammation, trauma to the body, or lack of a particular substance (various research)

Cancer is accelerated by:

  • inflammation
  • improperly functioning bodily systems

Dr. Scott Keller, 30 year chiropractor and natural healer, says Ayurvedic profiling can pinpoint the way illness enters a specific individual’s body and can help eradicate it though lifestyle realignment which includes an approach to stressors in ways that are uniquely effective for that individual.

Ayurveda is the 5000 year old study of life, originating in India. Keller’s method incorporates planetary blueprinting combined with each individual’s Ayurvedic type and isolation of predisposing factors and physiological factors unique to them.

At the core of all disease is inflammation, and we become inflamed for a variety of lifestyle reasons. Some are simply more adept at handling stress than others and how we deal with different stresses to the body, say fatigue, trauma, or emotion, need to be identified and corrected, in one way or another.


Dr. Leonard Coldwell Cancer Diet

A list of Acid / Alkaline Forming Foods:

Cancer Fighting Foods:

Creating an Alkalizing Diet:

World Without Cancer; The Story of Vitamin B17, by G. Edward Griffin

nflammation Theory of Disease:

Heal Your Body, by Louise Hay:

Budwig Diet:

What Is Cancer?

Cellular Mutation:

Inflammatory Initiation & ResponseHttps://

Dr. Scott Keller:

© 2019, Lane Keller. All rights reserved.

Big Pharma

COVID-19 Predicted in TV, Film and Books




“The word ‘coincidence’ does not describe luck or mistakes. It describes that which fits together perfectly.” 

— Wayne Dyer

Is Corona Virus/Covid-19 a false flag, a hoax or true epidemic? 

Rumors abound:

Is it a bioweapon being used by the globalists? 

Was it designed to take down economies and to make Trump look bad? 

George Soros, Bill Gates, vaccination mandates, martial law, military ops, big pharma— 


The official narrative as relayed by mainstream news programs, newspapers, many politicians, and so-called experts:

THE OFFICIAL NARRATIVE: Covid-19 is a deadly virus originating in a seafood market in Wuhan, China, which swept the globe and is creating a pandemic of fearful proportion.

Now this narrative has escalated to:


We’ll take that on in another post.              

By now you’ve undoubtedly noticed a second or third point of view that would have once treaded on the side of conspiracy theory or rumor but which is now ringing true.  Questions arise when the mainstream viewpoint clashes with these alternative viewpoints, such as the public bashing of  “Q,” which clashes with the obvious release of true information by the Qanon movement.

Here’s a summary of the alternative viewpoint, which we will call White Hat Point of View for now. The “White Hats” are the presumed good guys working to take down the evil element aka “cabal” or “deep state” working against the common good

The White Hat Point of View:  The pandemic was planned in advance to destroy Trump, but the White Hats (i.e. the “Good Guys”) knew about it and are using the “pandemic” as cover as they take down the deep state instead. 

Furthermore, this plan has been revealed in advance by info drops relayed by “Q” and supported by the army of “Qanons,” anonymous researchers proving Q’s intel. As such it is part of the Grand Awakening initiated by Q, and in which the public begins to perceive what is truly going on.

Who or what is Q? We’ll point you towards some reputable sources. We will likewise be presenting a series of posts addressing the expanding range of issues associated with Coronavirus/Covid-19. For this post, though we’ll stick to “fictional” cultural proofs that the pandemic was planned in advance.

It is obvious main players knew Covid-Corona was coming in advance proven by numerous culture mentions before the virus was ever announced. The mainstream narrative likes to dispel the notion that Predictive Programming exists, or that intel on planned secret operations may be deliberately released to the public before they occur through popular culture. 

Historical examples of predictive programming include work by authors George Orwell, particularly in his seminal novel 1984, published in 1949, and by Aldous Huxley in his highly predictive “fictional” treatise on the future state of genetic manipulation in Brave New World, published in 1939. While most like to attribute the prophetic nature of these works to the forsighted brilliance of these authors, the truth is far different. Both Orwell and Huxley were members of the Fabian Society, a group frequented by globalists intent on forming a new world order that would benefit only them. They knew the information in advance, and were in all-likelihood directed to share it with us.

The international globalist cabal which has seemingly taken over every facet of today’s life exist by a certain edict: they must always in some way inform the public of their plans in advance. It follows that the information released to the public is often subtle, secretive, elusive or buried. Those in the media, knowingly or unknowingly, have generally been used as cabal tools to realease these messages.

Another reason for releasing information is psychological. By imprinting how the globalists (aka the cabal or deep state) want the public to behave, the manner in which it is packaged works toward producing a desired effect. This is called Cultural Guidance. This method fails to work on those who are awakened, however, and who know better than to give in to fear. Fear is the cabal’s favorite weapon, and has been used time and again to get the public to behave in a way that has been planned in advance, and which benefits those pulling the strings. 

Here are ten glaring popular culture examples of predictive programming related to the Coronavirus / Covid-19.  

1. The Simpsons                 

Producer Matt Groening, who is notorious for releasing false flag information ahead of time through his programs and who was a frequent visitor to the CIA operated Epstein Island, foretold the pandemic in The Simpsons. 

More on Epstein being a CIA Op and why, in a later article. For now, take a look at this.

2. Dean Koontz, in The Eyes Of Darkness, published in 1981:

Psychic Sylvia Browne, End of Days, published in 2004:

Bill Ryan and his partner Kerry Cassidy operated the highly informative Project Camelot until 2010, when Bill and Kerry split. The outward story was that they disagreed over the nature of two compromised whistleblowers, but the truth was that they were enlightening too many people too quickly and thus were becoming far too dangerous to the power structure. The split was engineered and the excuse fabricated.

Here’s Bill Ryan speaking for Project Camelot in 2010 before the split, foretelling the coming Coronavirus pandemic:

Pandemic, on Netflix, an Obama -Susan Rice project, not just foretold the virus but pressed the need to fund the likes of Bill Gates.

The Last of Us, video game

 Stephen King’s Good vs Evil Mini-Series: ‘The Stand’

The film, Contagion  

The film, “Unlocked”

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Big Pharma

The Public Awakening & the Corona-Covid Cover Up of 2020




Is Corona Virus/Covid-19 a false flag, a hoax or true epidemic? 

Rumors are circulating:

Is it a bioweapon being used by the globalists? 

Was it designed to take down economies and to make Trump look bad? 

George Soros, Bill Gates, vaccination mandates, martial law, military ops, big pharma— 


“The word ‘coincidence’ does not describe luck or mistakes. It describes that which fits together perfectly.” 

— Wayne Dyer

Let’s start with the official narrative, the one relayed by mainstream news programs, newspapers, many politicians, and so-called experts:

THE OFFICIAL NARRATIVE: Covid-19 is a deadly virus originating in a seafood market in Wuhan, China, which swept the globe and is creating a pandemic of fearful proportion.

You’ve no doubt noticed a second or even a third point of view that tread on the side of “conspiracy theory” or “rumor.” Questions arise when the mainstream viewpoint clashes with alternative viewpoints that seem true, such as the public bashing of  “Q,” which clashes with the obvious release of true information by that movement.

Here’s a summary of the alternative, or as some say, “The White Hat Point of View:”                                

The White Hat Point of View: The pandemic was planned in advance to take down Trump, but the White Hats (i.e. the “Good Guys”) knew about it and are instead using the “pandemic” for cover as they take down the deep state. 

Furthermore, this plan has been revealed in advance by info drops relayed by “Q” and supported by the army of “Qanons,” anonymous researchers proving Q’s intel. As such it is part of the Grand Awakening initiated by Q, and in which the public begins to perceive what is truly going on behind the smokescreen of political bickering.

We will be presenting a series of posts addressing the expanding range of issues associated with Coronavirus/Covid-19. 

For this post we’ll stick to facts pointing to the Awakening Public.              

Who or what is Q?          

In short,  Q is a movement awakening the public to the true machinations of the operation to remove the deep state as headed by President Trump and White Hat operatives within and without the government. 

Is the entire National Guard in support of Q?               

Can’t say for sure. But we do know that Trump is using the National Guard in place of Martial Law. There is no Martial Law. That was part of a Deep State plot connected to Agenda 2030. Thankfully, that scenario has been averted.

A quick explanation of the Q movement here:   


Agenda 2030:

In 1871 the corporate USA, Inc. was founded, subverting our authentic Constitution, and substituting instead a set of illegal corporate by-laws. This set of rules is a false constitution. It is what we have been answering to in court, what attorneys answer to, and which is promoted by the Deep State. Now it is coming down.

More on the Corporate takeover of the United States of America:

 Adrenochrome Withdrawals are Occurring in Full Public View

What does QAnon think adrenochrome is?
In short, QAnon followers believe there is an operative in the deep state called Q, and Q leaves secret messages called “Q drops.” Some think that Q is none other than JFK, Jr., who is very much alive today and was supposed to October Surprise us as Trump’s running mate. (He did not.)

“A central conspiracy theory circulating within the QAnon movement is that deep state Satan-worshipping pedophilic liberals are behind an international child sex trafficking ring,” says Joseph Pierre, the acting chief of mental health community care systems at the VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System. “A more fringe aspect of that theory is that they are harvesting adrenochrome from children and then self-administering it as a kind of fountain-of-youth potion.”

To hear it in their own words, as reported by Right Wing Watch, the conspiracy theorist Liz Crokin says in a video, “Adrenochrome is a drug that the elites love. It comes from children. The drug is extracted from the pituitary gland of tortured children. It’s sold on the black market. It’s the drug of the elites. It is their favorite drug.”

Other QAnon conspiracy theorists, which again we are not going to promote by linking to here, use adrenochrome to explain why there are so many missing children worldwide. They also claim that Hillary Clinton and former aide Huma Abedin were caught on tape ripping off a child’s face, wearing it as a mask, and drinking the child’s blood to obtain adrenochrome. (Yes, really.)

Proof The Trafficking Network is Being Busted is Circulating

The Coronavirus outbreak coincides with the arrests of the CJNG Cartel, whose prime business is human trafficking. Even trafficking drugs are no longer as profitable.

Bill Gates’ Depopulation Agenda is Being Exposed

Gates is very proud of his investment in pharmaceuticals. He is also a proponent of mass vaccination, benefiting those pharmaceutical companies into the billions of dollars. His ideals border on genocide, as proven in his infamous Ted Talk where he supports a drastic reduction in world population. His vaccines are proven sterilizing agents, as has been exposed in Kenya. They also accidentally kill–a lot. As a result, villages in Africa send out word when the vaccinators are encroaching, warning moms to hide their babies (true story).

Bill Gates also predicted the pandemic:

Soros’ Involvement and Underhanded Dealings are Being Exposed 

George Soros is a proven agitator who delighted in his work for the Nazis and who, over the past several decades, has channeled billions of dollars into organizations which deliberately subvert unity and true progressive movements that would strengthen the United States. The agencies he funds foster disruption and division. He is the reputed source beyond the violent faction known as Antifa. His wealth is beyond compare. His own homeland of Hungary has banned him from their borders. His far-ranging investments include a biotech company with an office in Wuhan. Coincidence? Not if it was intended for destruction.

The WuXi location in Wuhan on a 666 address:

WuXi AppTec (Wuhan)
Small molecule drug discovery and research services
666 Gaoxin Road East Lake High-tech Development Zone Wuhan 430075, China

“666.” Those that work against humanity are proven to love their symbols.

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Big Pharma





Stanley Alan Plotkin is an American physician who works as a consultant to vaccine manufacturers, such as Sanofi Pasteur, as well as biotechnology firms, non-profits and governments. In the 1960s, he played a pivotal role in discovery of a vaccine against rubella virus while working at Wistar Institute in Philadelphia. Plotkin was a member of Wistar’s active research faculty from 1960 to 1991. His book, “Vaccines”,[2][3] is the standard reference on the subject.[4][5] He is an editor with Clinical and Vaccine Immunology, which is published by the American Society for Microbiology in Washington, D.C..


LORI MATHESON vs MICHAEL SCHMITT is a case between a wife and a husband, and the conflict between them on the issue of vaccines for the welfare of their daughter.

The father, Michael Schmitt, is of the belief that their daughter, Faith, should receive all the vaccines that she has missed and to continue receiving the CDC-recommended vaccines on time.

Dr. Plotkin agrees with the father, that Faith should receive all the vaccines that she has missed and to continue receiving all of the CDC-recommended vaccines on time.

This deposition of Stanley Plotkin, M.D. delved into topics such as money/funding aspect of vaccines and the conflicts of interests that exist; vaccine ingredients; safety of vaccines; VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System); anti-vaccinationists or anti-vaxxers; the lack of vaccine safety studies.

One of Dr. Stanley Plotkin’s advice at the ACIP meeting in 2017 is to conduct more vaccine safety studies to prove the anti-vaccinationists wrong.

Mr. Siri (Co-counsel for the Plaintiff) asked Dr. Plotkin this question, “Shouldn’t vaccine safety studies be done for the sake of making vaccines safer, not for the purpose and with the pre-determined objective of proving so-called anti-vaccinationists wrong?

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