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Tommy Robinson

Tommy Robinson – Convicted of Journalism



Tommy Robinson has challenged the immigration narrative of his country and has been sentenced to jail time among those who have pledged to kill him. In the face of widespread, Sharia-sanctioned lawlessness and rape, Robinson violated a court order in order to livestream the closed-door trial of accused grooming gang members, a “crime” for which he was today convicted.

Hero to the unrepresented citizenry, Robinson hotly confronts the media which has been complicit in its silence, British politicians who look the other way, and courts which refuse to justly punish crime. As a result, he has suffered official condemnation, been labeled a racist and other names and has been targeted by Islamist’s who want to kill him and also his family.

Who else has stood up to the bullies in this manner, refusing to succumb to political correctness and thinly-cloaked fascist policies?

Anyone know who? We know …

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